About myself

I was born on Mars 11th in 1969 in Törökszentmiklós. Here I went to the primary and secondary school. At the age of 19 I was pondering on what to do, what my object in life is. I often went to the library. I liked walking among the books, taking one from the shelf because I thought that it might be the one that transmits a message for me.

My contact with the art took shape such a moment, like a stroke of lightning. I came across a publication full of statues. As if I had had an electric shock. I felt immediately that this is what I had to do, I even knew that I was capable to do this task. I moved to Budapest and started to work in a bronze foundry as a factory hand. Here I realised that professionnal knowledge is a part of sculpture. In a couple of years I sat my entrance examination to the academy of arts. Here I met Professor István Bencsik who taught at the arts faculty of Pécs university. I followed him and I finished my studies there. I spent six meaningful years with my master.

What we call ourselves is a possibility to feel the vibrations of the world and to observe our lived experiences. An interesting projection of such amazements is the work of art. I fill the statues with my experiences and feelings, this way I become empty, giving way to new impressions, impulses. This is a kind of birth or creation mystery. When a work of art is ready, I often sit in front of it and I wonder: Who did it? I feel that I am a mechanism or a mediator where the messages of the world flow and this mediator casts a material, often without any comprehension. I think that the important thing is the experience, not the comprehension.

After every creation of a work of art something changes in me. Maybe change is the most important thing in the universe and it is the motive of the world that surrounds us.